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Putting Humpty together again…

HumpTEA DumpTEA had a migraine, a splitting headache and sinus pain. All the king’s doctors and all the king’s drugs, not even a massage and friendly hugs, could supply him with a pick-me-up. But his favourite tea, sipped from cup … Continue reading

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Maiden Beau-teas

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Elixir of Sobrie-tea

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the host invites a guest into her home …house beckons garden to enter also ……trees gently whisper at the suggestion of a breeze ………and birds call out in salutation to the sun wood crackles at the fire’s invocation …water bubbles … Continue reading

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Fukushima kid

Fukushima kid, stuck indoors, its hard to understand the cause. The tsunami’s gone, but no picnics at the beach; you wear a mask that muffles speech; your heart feels dark; can’t play in the park; your parents are stressed; but … Continue reading

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