Fukushima kid

first reading of Fukushima Kid, videoed by the wonderful Dave Matthews

Fukushima kid, stuck indoors,
its hard to understand the cause.
The tsunami’s gone, but no picnics at the beach;
you wear a mask that muffles speech;
your heart feels dark; can’t play in the park;
your parents are stressed; but who knows best?

Kakadu kid swimming in the river,
it’s not the cold that makes you shiver.
Your wetland’s world heritage-listed,
and now its radioactive blistered
by uranium tailings and government failings;
a poisoned country, slowly ailing.

Let’s celebrate wind and waves and sun;
geothermal; not uranium
Leave it in the ground where it was found.
In mother earth it must stay bound!

Chernobyl kid you don’t grow tall;
it’s thyroid cancer… that’s not all.
‘1986’ should have closed all plants,
but nuclear power sycophants
played down the radioactive rain…
so it can happen again… and again

Leukaemia kids from France, USA,
Canada, India, Spain, UK…
nuclear power reactors spew
radioactive gases at you!
Germany please, please lead the way.
Nuclear Power has had its day!

Celebrate wind and waves and sun;
geothermal; not uranium!
Leave it in the ground where it was found
in mother earth it must stay bound!

Kosovo kid playing in the street,
spent bullet shells lie at your feet.
A gift from NATO that’ll last forever:
recycled nuclear waste, (how clever)
pressed into bullets and hundreds of bombs
deployed on Bosnian & Serbian homes.

Kids of politicians, mining C.E.O.s,
arms traders, power companies… don’t you know?
Your dad sells fallout. It’s time to call out
“Stop! Don’t you care? Radiation everywhere?”
Its everyone’s problem, we all must dare!
Nuclear investors, sell that share!

Celebrate wind and waves and sun;
geothermal; not uranium!
Leave it in the ground where it was found.
In mother earth it must stay bound!

Iraqi kid, please don’t breathe deeply.
Nuclear bombs oxidized completely
depleted uranium 238,
now carried on desert winds of fate:
a microscopic, lethal dust with a
4 billion year half-life, “How just”

Kids of the World, hey you stand tall!
We stand together, make the call.
Profit that kills is no-one’s gain;
Nuclear industry causes pain.
Let’s stop the madness. End the sadness.
The demon monster has to fall!

Celebrate wind and waves and sun;
geothermal; not uranium!
Leave it in the ground where it was found.
In mother earth it must stay bound!

No NUKES, not now, not ever, shut it down!

© AMNorman  June/July 2012

photo found at http://www.powertechexposed.com/Fukushima%20nuclear%20disaster.htm

Ideas for a video clip based around this poem:

I am open to musicians from any country who wish to send in a video or sound clip of them performing one of the verses of Fukushima Kid. The setting of each verse of the song can be unique… resulting in a suit of styles and artists to go with the ethnicity of each verse. Rather than give you a chord chart, please base your music around the tonic note of D, in a minor mode (the chorus is in D Major, and I can send you a score for this). I am open to other tonal centres if that suits your voice better, we can work in modulations. You are also free to play with the lyrics to make them fit the way you wish to sing. If you want to do a verse in your own language, not English, please do!

If I had the funding, I’d get a bunch of professional musos in a studio to tie it all together with instrumental bridges between verses. Any footage of the musos/ singers can be edited into the final video doco/music clip along with other archival or acted footage.

Here are some ideas for footage (other than clips of the musicians). Obviously, the legality of using another persons’ photos or video clips must be addressed and permission sought where possible. But here are my initial thoughts:

1.    Fukushima Kid: a little girl locked indoors staring out the window at a rainy scene, wearing a white face-mask. In the room she is watching a family video of the family’s last trip to the beach before the tsunami. She wants to go outside, but mum won’t let her. She is only 5, so can’t understand why.
2.    Kakadu Kid: a shot of NT kids swimming in a river or waterhole; aerial shot of uranium mine and tailings, rock painting sites… nature.
3.    Chernobyl Kid: some horrid images on this site, would use very sparingly if at all (and seek permission): http://www.break.com/usercontent/2010/3/7/children-of-chernobyl-warning-graphic-images-1770395  Pics of the power plant; clean-up operation; map of areas affected by radiation fallout…
4.    Leukaemia kids: Happy nuclear industry ads here about ‘good clean safe’ nuclear power energy, and kids playing football with a power plant in the background perhaps. Clearly in various countries. A graph of the huge increase in the incidence of Leukaemia in kids who lived near the plants at 5 years old or younger.
5.    Kosovo Kid: any media footage of NATO bomb raids in Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo in 1999; kids playing in the street picking up spent shells or finding unexploded devices… a boy sticking his tongue out with a bullet shell on the end of it? Or blowing into it as a whistle…
6.    Kids of Politicians: Shots of companies who make money from the nuclear trade… Or any politicians who have denied the danger, or sent nuclear warheads to other countries…
7.    Iraqi Kid: Desert Storm shots. Howling wind in the sound track. Iraqi kids on the streets AND kids of US soldiers with cancer…??
8.    Kids of the World: A clip of Severn Suzuki speaking at UN Earth Summit 1992 http://www.squidoo.com/severn-suzuki  or other young activists who are working to make a difference. Marches, demonstrations in Japan now.
9.    CHORUS: shots of wind farms, wave power generators, Japanese people in hot springs having a bath; Solar farms; people at the beach; a kite flying… different images every time the chorus is sung. Also shots of uranium mining, and images of aboriginal protesters. Maralinga British tests maybe… shots of signage of Australian uranium mines. Newspaper headings of proposed sites in WA; and routes of the trucks through SA.
10. No Nukes: Demonstrators marching, chanting, with all their slogan boards; Laughing, condescending CEOs and apologists for the Nuke industry; Hiroshima Peace park… Sellafield nuclear plant in the UK…

Please contact me if you are interested in taking part in this project. I need video makers, sound recordists, musicians, singers, rappers and folk interested in searching through video archives and applying for permission to use footage… 🙂 anne at anne norman dot com


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2 Responses to Fukushima kid

  1. altsoundings says:

    What an astonishingly moving & powerful poem is ‘Fukushima kid’! It’s message needs to spread far wider than the radiation it speaks of. All power to it’s propagation.


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