Putting Humpty together again…

HumpTEA DumpTEA had a migraine,
a splitting headache and sinus pain.
All the king’s doctors and all the king’s drugs,
not even a massage and friendly hugs,
could supply him with a pick-me-up.
But his favourite tea, sipped from cup
delivered poor Humpty from Hell.
(After many such cups, he now feels well!)

Curiosi-tea: the book

poem and illustrations ©AMNorman
Published in Camellia Cha’s book Curiosi-tea by Absurd Publications 2009.

About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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4 Responses to Putting Humpty together again…

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  2. Sanshi says:



  3. Y. Prior says:

    Hi – I really enjoyed this poem! 🙂


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