Uzura Gallery solo Recital

Two short reviews emailed to me by shakuhachi professionals from different shakuhachi lineages who came to my recital in Kyoto. I have added translations. It is always wonderful to receive correspondence following a concert.
Thank you Izumi Takeo and Inayoshi Youzan.

アン・ノーマン 尺八コンサート、うずらギャラリー京都 三条通寺町西入の古い町家
Anne Norman Shakuhachi Recital, 6 July 2019 Uzura Gallery, Kyoto.


“Your concert was superb. Your double playing method with voice, was truly surprising to hear. The pitch accuracy of your voice was beyond imagination. I have listened to your recordings with my student before, but live was so much better.” Izumi Takeo


“Thank you so much for last night’s wonderful concert. I was especially impressed by Shingetsu and Tsuru no Sugomori. Through shakuhachi, you expressed your unique outlook on the world magnificently. Your techniques for singing & blowing simultaneously were wonderful. I definitely look forward to a chance to hear you again.”  Inayoshi Youzan



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  1. Well done Anne! I wish you the best of luck and success. You and your music deserve it.


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