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Ellie’s first Sentence

according to Aunty Anne… The drawing that hung over my bed always drew a comment from Ellie whenever she came to stay.  Her first critique of the work was an enthusiastic “Mmm.” She couldn’t talk and was barely walking.

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Empty Bottles

“Empty Bottles” is a long-winded poem on the drunkards’ middens of the Northern Territory, written in 1893 by William Aaron Millikan, my mother’s father’s father. When I first read his poem a few years ago, I was not enamoured of it’s form. … Continue reading

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cosmic dust

The ejected capsule will not re-enter the docking bay. If this were deep space, lives would be lost… I give up on reassembling the space-age vacuum cleaner, and flop onto the couch. Glancing across the room, I ask, “So, what’s … Continue reading

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Let’s do a Dora

My love of rhyming verse comes from my father’s mother, Dora May Norman (nee Hitchcox). I have many fond memories of family parties where grandma Dora would read us a poem about one of her children or neighbours. I would … Continue reading

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A Lert: Stillness

I finished this Stick-Figure sculpture in November 2011 just before undergoing two operations, (right foot and left leg) which immobilized me for many weeks. I symbolically assigned this Lert to stand guard over my health and wellbeing. It was comforting … Continue reading

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the stellar origin

My beautiful father Peter, who bonded with my mum Doreen to form the stellar origin of our layered nuclear family.

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