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unborn melodies

a solitary lightflute keeps vigil on the shore of consciousness beaming unborn melodies across an ocean of incessant thought beyond the liminal curve of the ear’s horizon

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the absentminded day-dreamer

Imagination, logic, humour, contemplation, love, discernment, planning, compassion, idleness and enquiry – all things our mind needs to exercise. And by mind, I don’t mean only the brain… I mean our mind/heart/spirit, which is housed in our whole body and … Continue reading

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The man in the purple suit

I had a gig on Sunday afternoon in Adelaide, in a quaint old stone building called “The Chapel” within the precinct of the Migration Museum. Afterwards, chatting with audience members (friends and strangers), I met Melvyn Cann, a silver-haired gentleman … Continue reading

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