Maiden Beau-teas

Water rushes, gushes and slides down smooth rock faces
surging through crevasses
broiling, toiling round turtle rocks and hidden dragons.
White water, blue dragons, Yellow Mountain.

Red azaleas punctuate the mountain green;
mauve wisteria adorns bamboo;
Huang shan tea patiently squats amongst flowering pines
listening to surging waters rushing by


©AMNorman 2008.
Dedicated to ‘Jack’, who challenged me to write a poem while sitting in the rain next to Nine Dragon Falls, on Huang shan (Yellow mountain). May your sore knee be forever blessed!

Published in Camellia Cha’s book Curiosi-tea by Absurd Publications 2009.

Also published by the Melbourne Poets Union in THE ATTITUDE OF CUPS: An Anthology of Australian Poetry about TEA, WINE & COFFEE, edited by Sue Stanford, 2011.

About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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2 Responses to Maiden Beau-teas

  1. Love this journey you take me on, Dear Anne! Yes, a cup of tea – a Chinese shaman told me the tradition says tea (and the steam rising from it) is Buddha’s spirit – in this sense, I savor the steam rising from your “Distant Echoes” Thank you!


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