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album: Beneath the Surface – music for shakuhachi, violin and tunnel

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Table Cape to Design Tasmania

From the Tarkine, Em and I drove to Wynyard on the north coast and spent one and a half days in and around the Table Cape Lighthouse, using the acoustic to inspire new music, and also sitting outside by ourselves … Continue reading

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Standing by the Fresnel lens

standing by the Fresnel lens — stomach rising and plunging with distant ship on ocean swell — a subtle melody tickles my ears . eddying whistle-tones dimly penetrate the glass panels of my enclosed crow’s nest my lofty citadel warmed … Continue reading

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unborn melodies

a solitary lightflute keeps vigil on the shore of consciousness beaming unborn melodies across an ocean of incessant thought beyond the liminal curve of the ear’s horizon

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Do other writers feel like this?

Do other writers feel like this? That they are unravelling and re-knitting the very fabric of the universe? Always wondering how it will turn out? How it will end? Only to be slapped in the face repeatedly with the truth … Continue reading

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I had a set of four very shabby old dining chairs I inherited from my father’s father Albert Edward Norman. I never liked their gold striped upholstery, and over the years they got more and more threadbare and full of … Continue reading

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I spent several days playing the LightFlute on a remote point on Bruny Island in the Southern Ocean in October 2014. It was a remarkable experience. They call it a Light House… but no-one lives in it. It is a … Continue reading

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