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  • Kyrie on shakuhachi – an impro on Hildegard by Jouissance
  • RAIN Now and Then – an excerpt of my composition for shakuhachi performed in a tunnel under Darwin: on ABC Darwin FB

visit Anne Norman’s YouTUBE channel for many more clips.

SOUND and VIDEO clips of Anne’s performances may also be found at

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Of course… most of my music is not on-line…

Dave Matthews recently put up a few items from my concert late last year with the vocalist Sarah Wilmot. One of the absolute joys of an improvised spontaneous gig, is that no-one knows what is going on … including the performers. In Duet for One, I am assuming that we are about to perform a duo, and Sarah is assuming it is a shakuhachi solo. I make ‘offers’ to Sarah, who has her eyes closed, in listening mode…  I was structuring it as a conversation, but only ended up talking with the seagulls …  (and momentarily the toilet cistern, that happened to be at the same pitch I was playing) and I quite liked the result. Thanks Sarah! Without you there, this piece would not have come into existence.

for other offerings on Dave Matthews website, visit:

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