emerging from Lockdown

… into undulating sand dunes

Is it real? Is it safe? How long will it last? Do I dare to make plans? Will touring and performing be a possibility… Really?

My agent calls and tells me she is booking school gigs in WA and QLD for 2021. My friend in Japan says she’ll invite me to give recitals in Japan. Another friend in NSW says come up now, we’ll organise house concerts. But… but… but…

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Song Appetit – reviews

A gig of doodles with music

These are the amazing responses from the 102 households who attended my online gig during lockdown here in Melbourne on Sept 16 2020. For 70 minutes, I shared my music video clips, COVID stories, sculptures and doodle artwork. I am deeply grateful to The Boite for auspicing this gig. It was a wonderful experience for me, despite battling anxiety, and I am so happy to see that it was uplifting for others as well. I’ve been blown away by the number of people who have since taken up doodling as a result, adults and children. May the pencils keep flowing! Here are two photos of children who saw my show and the doodles they have shared with me in the weeks following my gig. Absolutely delighted and honoured to have a peak at their artwork.

Ruby in NSW doodling to shakuhachi
a doodle from Lily in Tasmania

Rather than lose all these beautiful reactions from my audience, I thought I would document them here. I’ve been remiss on making blogs on this site recently, apologies. My focus is now on producing posts for my supporters on PATREON. There are only so many documents one can produce and still have time for art and music and walks to the beach…

The Feedback

‘Healing and transformative. A very physical and emotional immersion… You not only put your doodles, photos, sculptures and music on the table, you also put your personal self on the table as well… and I thank you very much for that.’ Steven

‘WOW, JUST WOW!!! A magnificent multimedia outpouring of uniquely moving and beautiful art, photos, video, music… including one live piece. Who is in Front of Behind was so much fun, I picked up my traverso [Baroque flute] and improvised along with it—most fun I’ve had in ages!! Your “doodle” art is amazing. I loved the video with the “spiky” music and “spiky” drawing gestures, just fantastic [Skittering]. If you were a man, would you call those “doodles”? No! You’d call them MASTERPIECES!  And you’d be right! BRAVÍSSIMA!’  Katharine, Lisbon, Portugal.

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Sculpted Silence on PATREON

I am launching into a new adventure. Patreon.


I am brand new to Patreon and am jumping on board, as it’s an excellent forum on which to create a major on-going work with the support of friends and patrons.

I’m looking for supporters who are interested in enabling me through sponsorship to write up and share the backstories to my compositions, music tours, poetry and recordings with the aim of publishing an e-Book with links to sound files and more. If you would like to be a part of the journey and keep me writing each week, sharing philosophy, showing you compositions as they are being created, or sharing a new score ready to share with the world… please join me.

It is free to read the intro blurb with accompanying poem and have a look at how the Patreon site is structured. I have included a $2 tier to enable fellow artists and others going through tough times to join. Hope to see you there.

Stay well in this crazy COVID world.

A virtual hug…


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Ellie’s first Sentence

according to Aunty Anne…

The drawing that hung over my bed always drew a comment from Ellie whenever she came to stay.  Her first critique of the work was an enthusiastic “Mmm.” She couldn’t talk and was barely walking.

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Uzura Gallery solo Recital

Two short reviews emailed to me by shakuhachi professionals from different shakuhachi lineages who came to my recital in Kyoto. I have added translations. It is always wonderful to receive correspondence following a concert.
Thank you Izumi Takeo and Inayoshi Youzan.

アン・ノーマン 尺八コンサート、うずらギャラリー京都 三条通寺町西入の古い町家
Anne Norman Shakuhachi Recital, 6 July 2019 Uzura Gallery, Kyoto. Continue reading

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Nagomi-tei Yokohama

REVIEWS of  Moon in Water   in Japanese with English translation.
— a concert by Anne Norman (shakuhachi) & Uehata Masakazu (piano & reed organ) 
14th  July 2019, Nagomitei, Yokohama.


日本古来の楽器である尺八で奏でられた音は、私の知るそれとは全く別次元のモノでした。最早それは尺八ではなく、あえて名前をつけるとしたらShakuhachiという新しい楽器の音色に、心を静かに揺さぶられる感覚にとらわれた。 Continue reading

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New Moon tea ceremony

Rising just before my alarm at 5:20am, I went for a walk in the garden. No stars in sight. Not a breath of wind. My first sounds of predawn were cries of an unseen flock of white cockatoos. The “hour of the cockatoo.”

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damp and raucous silence

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from my soft perch of mossy green
between tangled roots of Tannenbaum
I hear faint clanging sounds
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Seven Tanka Writing

An essay by Joe Browning written in May 2017

People and chatter filled the colourful, high-ceilinged room perched on an upper floor in the Melbourne Recital Centre – a bright, airy setting for a new music concert, promising something fresh and a little out of the ordinary. We had come for the launch of The Prospect and Bower of Bliss, an album of compositions by Johanna Selleck recently released on the Tall Poppies label. Chatter gave way to speeches, then about half an hour of music, followed by coffee, snacks and more conversation. Afterwards, when one of the performers, Anne Norman, who I’ve come to know a little while living in Melbourne, suggested I might write something about the event, I was hesitant – not because of any doubts about the music or performances, which I found expressive and skilful, but because of concerns about what it means to write a review. Continue reading

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Ursula Genaehr’s funeral

2pm, 26th June 2017

People entered the large stone Church of St Matthews in Albury NSW, speaking in hushed tones. Down the front of the church was the coffin, painted with humpback whales breaching in an ocean of pastel blues and greens, painted by Ursula’s friend Kathryn Pyle. In a further breach of tradition, we were offered the opportunity to graffiti the painted coffin, with coloured crayons. People wrote their final messages to Ursula Genaehr, a German musician who came to live in Australia 22 years ago in the tiny rural community of Kiewa, just south of Wodonga.

Before the service. Kathryn Pyle’s Breaching whale

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