damp and raucous silence

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from my soft perch of mossy green
between tangled roots of Tannenbaum
I hear faint clanging sounds

wafting white clouds
seem to 
bear the gift
of many-timbred bells

phantom cattle
grazing veiled and distant slopes?

multitudes of splashing rivulets
wend through tumbled rocks
their trickling treble clear
an ever-present muffled bass:

unfathomed gallons of powerful turquoise white
roaring down the worn and narrow gorge
I left behind some time ago

broad-leafed ground creepers
glisten and bob in gentle rain;
a broken beech and twisted conifer
intimately embrace

water droplets fall from drooping needles
to splat
on blatt of beech below

no animal stirs
although I wait

just one fast darting bird
an insect eater
yellow belly
green wings (?)
then flits up-stream

no sight nor sound of other wanderers
reaches my hidden haven
of damp
and raucous

scribbled not far from the top of Gletscherschlucht,
a gorge at Rosenlaui in the Swiss Alps
Aug 31st 2018 © Anne M Norman
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Seven Tanka Writing

An essay by Joe Browning written in May 2017

People and chatter filled the colourful, high-ceilinged room perched on an upper floor in the Melbourne Recital Centre – a bright, airy setting for a new music concert, promising something fresh and a little out of the ordinary. We had come for the launch of The Prospect and Bower of Bliss, an album of compositions by Johanna Selleck recently released on the Tall Poppies label. Chatter gave way to speeches, then about half an hour of music, followed by coffee, snacks and more conversation. Afterwards, when one of the performers, Anne Norman, who I’ve come to know a little while living in Melbourne, suggested I might write something about the event, I was hesitant – not because of any doubts about the music or performances, which I found expressive and skilful, but because of concerns about what it means to write a review. Continue reading

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Ursula Genaehr’s funeral

2pm, 26th June 2017

People entered the large stone Church of St Matthews in Albury NSW, speaking in hushed tones. Down the front of the church was the coffin, painted with humpback whales breaching in an ocean of pastel blues and greens, painted by Ursula’s friend Kathryn Pyle. In a further breach of tradition, we were offered the opportunity to graffiti the painted coffin, with coloured crayons. People wrote their final messages to Ursula Genaehr, a German musician who came to live in Australia 22 years ago in the tiny rural community of Kiewa, just south of Wodonga.

Before the service. Kathryn Pyle’s Breaching whale

Continue reading

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Alone in Nature

I follow parallel scars, lured by their bumpy wayward promise. Leaving the dry red sand, my car skirts marshy grasslands, attempting to keep the lake in view, sometimes only imagined through tangled trees. I am seeking the illusory “far end” but dare not invade virgin ground—Is there any here, in cattle country? Are you mad? Continue reading

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Collective Improvisation

This is the transcript of a speech I gave two days ago at the album launch of a superb bowed-string impro collective in Melbourne. I abbreviated the speech (removing references to my own experience), and extemporised on the topic (hey, it was an impro gig), but, for the record, this is the speech I prepared. Thanks for asking me Ernie!

“Zephyrs of influence weave their way throughout these pieces,
lending familiarity and freshness”
Perry Holt – PBS “In The Quiet”

“The music on this CD reveals the magical power of
collective improvisation at work.”
– Le Tuan Hung, Sonic Gallery

Wonderful reviews for a wonderful CD: Bowlines: Circling Strangers

Why am I [Anne Norman] launching this Album of improvised string music? Perhaps because I too enjoy group improvisation, and perhaps because Ernie Gruner recently joined me in Darwin to take part in Tunnel Number Five: festival of underground music. Continue reading

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Deep Listening

This article was originally posted on Tunnel Number Five FACEBOOK page on 13 August 2016,
three days before the festival of underground music began.  1,198 people reached

From Tuesday to Saturday, here in Darwin, we have a chance to practice Deep Listening in a remarkable venue that enhances our ability to sit still and open our ears. Many audience members will find their eyes naturally closing to enable them to more fully enter the world of sound. Continue reading

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Reviews & Responses

album: Beneath the Surface – music for shakuhachi, violin and tunnel Continue reading

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