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damp and raucous silence

from my soft perch of mossy green between tangled roots of Tannenbaum I hear faint clanging sounds wafting white clouds seem to bear the gift of many-timbred bells phantom cattle grazing veiled and distant slopes? perhaps… multitudes of splashing rivulets wend through … Continue reading

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Standing by the Fresnel lens

standing by the Fresnel lens — stomach rising and plunging with distant ship on ocean swell — a subtle melody tickles my ears . eddying whistle-tones dimly penetrate the glass panels of my enclosed crow’s nest my lofty citadel warmed … Continue reading

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The Rhino’s Parting Slam

We rhinos rapidly and generously march to the doors the jaws of extinction donors of distinction anxious to give our horn to adorn the daggers of the proud and to be ground for cures found to enhance man’s ego, we … Continue reading

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the rhino saw

. Ah mon amour, emotions raw… bad news from distant shore. At 9:04 our rhino saw, like dinosaur and minotaur, his final door; behind… before… As mankind tore with mind of gore an aching sore; a blind, cruel war; the … Continue reading

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unborn melodies

a solitary lightflute keeps vigil on the shore of consciousness beaming unborn melodies across an ocean of incessant thought beyond the liminal curve of the ear’s horizon

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