the rhino saw


Ah mon amour,

emotions raw…
bad news from distant shore.

At 9:04 our rhino saw,
like dinosaur and minotaur,
his final door; behind… before…

As mankind tore with mind of gore
an aching sore; a blind, cruel war;
the rhino bore our crime of more.

I know not for… . for potions born
of unicorn? Of Sino lore?
Oh how forlorn. Je le déplore!

As poachers draw the final straw…
protection to enshrine in law – too late!
with fines galore!

Alas, they still ignore the cords that bind
my kind and yours;
the shared divine… our inner core…

Take heart, amour, oh faith restore.
This rhino horn they’ll grind no more.
For sadly now, I can assure
they’ll find no more white rhino spoor.

[as always, signed]
je t’adore


image ©” target=”_blank”>Steve Morvell: Nature Artist 
 Ceratotherium cottoni: Northern White Rhinoceros.
The last three Northern White Rhinos on the planet are infertile and under armed protection in Kenya:

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