damp and raucous silence

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from my soft perch of mossy green
between tangled roots of Tannenbaum
I hear faint clanging sounds

wafting white clouds
seem to 
bear the gift
of many-timbred bells

phantom cattle
grazing veiled and distant slopes?

multitudes of splashing rivulets
wend through tumbled rocks
their trickling treble clear
an ever-present muffled bass:

unfathomed gallons of powerful turquoise white
roaring down the worn and narrow gorge
I left behind some time ago

broad-leafed ground creepers
glisten and bob in gentle rain;
a broken beech and twisted conifer
intimately embrace

water droplets fall from drooping needles
to splat
on blatt of beech below

no animal stirs
although I wait

just one fast darting bird
an insect eater
yellow belly
green wings (?)
then flits up-stream

no sight nor sound of other wanderers
reaches my hidden haven
of damp
and raucous

scribbled not far from the top of Gletscherschlucht,
a gorge at Rosenlaui in the Swiss Alps
Aug 31st 2018 © Anne M Norman

About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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1 Response to damp and raucous silence

  1. I especially like
    “…my hidden haven
    of damp
    and raucous

    I spent a lot of time in such surroundings when I lived in Germany and Austria – your pictures really capture the essence of those mountains, those rocks and take me back there. Thank you!



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