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An Endless Afternoon

  .. dragonflies hover in the afternoon sun, skimming beneath bending rushes, past floating nardoo to mossy banks soaked by springs from the wind-swept mountain, its towering granite sentinels slumbering in a sky of blinding blue with white wisps of … Continue reading

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(psycho) Cads

in homage to Judith Wright & Gandhi Their smooth pink tongues flicker at our humanity. Round them, felled forests and polluted waters alter the climates of our ravaged earth and silt with tailings the strata of first birth. Only an armoured … Continue reading

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Arty-farty literati

Arty-farty literati Chinese poets liked to party. Drinking tea with Yixing potters; boiling spring fresh healthy waters; doodling poems on unfired pots and calligraphy in empty spots on brush-art scrolls of mountain scene. With wine in one hand, the other … Continue reading

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song of sorry

people of this land offered strangers water hospitality strange strangers very strange white like the dead bringers of death in the blink of an eye hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) died the stranger’s first death gift: smallpox language groups decimated … Continue reading

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