Shakuhachi for sale

Deceased estate of Bill Lewis

A dear friend of mine, Bill Lewis, passed away on 5th August 2013. Before dying, Bill requested I sell his instruments and give the money to his wife. I have attached a sound sample to each flute. I chose a short section of the piece Murasaki Reibo, as it is Bill who introduced me to this piece by Ikkyu. He asked me to learn it to play for him at his funeral. I have played it at several performances in the last 18 months, each time praying for strength and health for Bill. I now play in gratitude for having known him. I have started the excerpt at a weird place musically, but have done so in order to give a short sample that covers the full range of the instrument as used in Honkyoku meditations. It is not a polished or rehearsed performance, just a quick home recording on unfamiliar instruments.

Please email me if you are interested in buying one of the following shakuhachi.

§ Flute #1: 1.8 “Edo” AUD$1,000  (was $1,200) Sold
A deep brown bamboo, possibly Edo period. Bought from Jeff Cairns, refurbished by Perry Yung. Beautiful to look at. Like a samurai sword handle.


§ Flute #2: 1.8 Perry Yung AUD$900 (was $1,000) Sold
Bought from Jeff Cairns. Refurbished by Perry Yung. Probably early 20th century with no chop. Perry put his chop (seal of approval) on it, classifying it as an advanced student’s flute.



§ Flute #3: 2.3 次郎 Jiro AUD$700 (was $800)
Bought from Jeff Cairns. Good intonation and pitch.

§ Flute #4: 1.8 月光 Gekkou “Moonlight” AUD$1,000 No longer available
Early Showa period ? Refurbished by David Dewitt. A good flute.


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  1. Anne, The last time I talked to you on the phone you said you got a new car. This was obviously an exaggeration. Cheers, Larry


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