freznel fairy



a fierce and frazzled freznel fairy
flittered free of fraynel fold
fluting flying fleeting flouting…
returning once the tales were told




… and today, that fragile fairy feels fatigued. A big thank you to Jarrah Wadsworth for projecting her photos of the views from the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse while Brandon Lee and I played music (bass koto & shakuhachi) and I recited poetry. Also thanks to Emily Sheppard (violin) who first tried out these new fragments of Whispered Shadows to accompany my epic poem last month in Tasmania. I can hear a new trio version wanting to be performed…

To see some of  Jarrah’s lighthouse photos and read the poem, visit Standing by the Fresnel lens

A huge thank you to Shoso Shimbo (and his assistant Angeline Lo) for an amazing flower creation that grew and unfolded as the evening progressed. And of course, Annabel Warmington on lighting design and sound and the ever supportive Boite World Music Café and Therese Virtue for hosting the event. The audience was filled with friends, from my distant past and more recent acquaintances; even my parents made it along, thanks to a generous friend who drove them. It means so much to have people (friends and strangers) to share my music and poetry with –  as well as my fellow artists on stage and in support roles.  So much of what I write is produced in solitude, and in response to nature. But the sharing brings me great joy. Very grateful to you all.

For a list of all the works performed, and bios of the performers:
Programme Notes Boite 2016: The Way of the Flower: Stillness in a World gone Mad

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photos by Jarrah Wadsworth and Diana Cousens

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