Campsite of fallen giants

26th & 27th March 2016: At our new campsite within another burnt forest

“shoosshh; husshh”
dead leaves call from overhead
brown shapes float and flutter,
gathering in pockets, between
exploded mounds of scorched earth
and hollow logs with smoking embers;

“shaaahh” … a gentle rain
lends a hand to life’s veriditas:
exuberant fiddleheads of bracken,
fresh new blades of cutting grass,
pale shelves of bulging fungi,
… all keen to start again

While Dan and Em are off in search of a stream, I boil the last of our water for tea. Seated on the ground, in our mostly mute garden of fallen giants, I sip tea and write poetry. Suddenly, my reverie is rudely broken. A nervous woman with a zoom lens is furtively taking photos of our campsite! Her husband stands further back. They look in their sixties. I am surprised. They are the first other people I have seen here… I didn’t hear their car. She does not return my called greeting. Is this the Forbidden Garden? Who am I, that I must be documented, captured, but not spoken to? I sigh. If I had more water, I could invite them to tea… but I don’t, and my notepad beckons. I interrupt my flow of poems just long enough to jot this memo.

ghost white twisted limbs
blackened lips and gaping mouth
who will nest in you?

bush fire’s missile
blown lid of roman candle
a beautiful burl

remember me
when I return to earth
forget not my fate

stars drift behind clouds
camping amidst fallen trees
diffuse light of moon

pit pat rain on tent
wombat skull plays on my mind
ant bite itchy still

The next chapter in my Tarkine Adventure: -–> .Dark Forest .
pompoms.<–-  The previous chapter

About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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