Lake Burbury

Thursday March 24th  2016, Tasmania

Put up the tent by moonlight near Lake Burbury last night. Woke with the first hint of day and wandered through woods and along a bank strewn with yellow, grey and pink rocks. So many lovely shapes in the exposed roots of dead trees, drowned by the damming of a river. One of the first I came across looked like a wallaby, come to drink at the lake. (my camera has a problem…)

Wallaby Wood

As the sky lightened, and eventually rose over the mountains, the colours of the cloudy sky slowly changed from flat grey to orange-tinged clouds then pale blue. Dan Hayley and Emily Sheppard emerged from their hammocks, slung amongst the melaleucas at different points on the lake’s shore … and we cooked breakfast, overlooking reflected mountains.

I continue my quest to learn the art of haiku…

dead twisted tree roots
rocky peaks: orange blue sky
the lake washes all

lapping sound of clouds
landing duck scatters mountain
raven caws the morn*

wide concrete bridge
rusty rattling red truck
the birds still twitter

low water level
shag rests on dead tree island
white quartz sand

heaven’s blinds open
green sunlight kisses foothills
three dimensions now

*This Haiku is decoded and deconstructed by a 10 year old pundit in Monster Duck.
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