Tarkine journal

Wednesday 23rd March, 2016, South Hobart:

bags half packed
Mt Wellington watches
soon to hit the road

Heading off in two hours to the North West of Tasmania with Emily Sheppard and Dan Haley in an old car lent to us by Tom. I have driven the car for the last few days in Hobart, and it makes random drumming noises and often feels as if the wheels are square – but on inspection, they look round…

I am in the lounge room of the fabulous Hillborough household (a whole book in itself!), making final preparations, surrounded by boxes and bags, in full view of Mt Wellington. The Observation Shelter perched on the rocky summit is visible – hard to believe that we will be up there in 11 days from now… performing music and poetry inspired by the Tarkine – well, that’s the plan.

We are off to join in the Tarkine in Motion (TiM) – an environmental arts project organised by the Bob Brown Foundation in their campaign to get the World Heritage listed Tarkine protected as a National Park. This region covers a vast area located between the Arthur and Pieman rivers, and includes Australia’s largest wilderness rainforest. Only 5% of the Tarkine is protected as National Park, leaving the area open to mining exploration.


There will be around 140 artists of various disciplines scattered throughout the vast region in several base camps. Some will be walking, some mountain biking, some kayaking, but most driving and staying put in ancient forests (many listed for logging later this year). For several days we will listen and observe and create visual art, photographs, video work, music, poems and essays. These endeavours will be used to contribute to the campaign through a series of exhibitions, concerts and campaign projects after the field trip.

But first, we need to get there…

Not sure when I will be able to update this page next – hopefully I will be in range of internet every few days. In the meantime, you might like to read about what the scientists found in the Tarkine: http://www.bobbrown.org.au/bioblitz

And if you want to know where Emily and I will be performing in Launceston and Hobart, here’s the link: https://www.trybooking.com/Event/EventSearch.aspx?keyword=husshh

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