they walked in through the open door to where we stood chatting / me in the kitchen pouring tea / dave in the dining room spreading promite on a cracker / it was early afternoon / SEARCH WARRANT, he snapped, AUTHORITY TO ENTER / all in black armour, some with fluoro vests / weapons not drawn, but ready / one held a smart phone at arm’s length, aimed directly at us / videoing our every move; our every word / still in the faded blue fisherman’s pants and loose cotton top I slept in / my laptop open on the dining table / men walked past us into the living room / WARRANT TO SEARCH / the officer signalled for them to only look, not disturb / they were deflated; disappointed / JUST THESE TWO? / others stalked the garden / what are they looking for? / ARE YOU ALONE? ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE? / no / HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED HERE? / we don’t / anxious looks passed amongst those spilling out the kitchen door /  WHO ARE YOU? / my name is anne, i gave him my hand in reassurance; a smile / i’m dave / we can offer you lunch if you like, i teased / they were tense / the officer in charge didn’t say his name / SO WHO LIVES HERE? / gayle and fred / WHERE ARE THEY? / work / FULL NAMES? WHAT WORK? HOW LONG HAVE THEY LIVED HERE? WHO IS SLEEPING IN THE TENT OUT THE FRONT? / me / raised eyebrows / LUCKY YOU LEFT ALL YOUR DOORS OPEN. WE WOULD HAVE KICKED THEM IN / why? / WE HAD INFORMATION; A LEAD / police “intelligence”… / DO YOU KNOW LUKE? / luke? / HOW LONG HAVE GAYLE AND FRED LIVED HERE? / what are you really looking for? / …DRUGS / so what drugs do you think we have here? / CAN’T TELL YOU / FULL NAME? ADDRESS? DRIVER’S LICENCE? DATE OF BIRTH? / the officer in charge was in his 40s; pleasant enough / he saw we were not nervous / we were, in fact, silently bemused and amused / SO YOU’RE A FELLOW AQUARIUS, DAVID / putting his notebook back in his pocket / SORRY TO BOTHER YOU / ten black-clad confused folk re-grouped out the front, then dispersed / i looked at david / glad we were here… / a ransacked house and kicked in doors would not be fun for our hosts to come home to / another cuppa? / mine’s now luke warm / luke?

David (my sound engineer friend) and I have been looked after by friends, family and generous strangers who have opened their homes to us across the Northern Territory. Thank you all for your trust and generosity. This incident happened a few weeks ago in a remote town in the North. The drug squad are concerned that ice pushers are moving into the Territory, which is tragic for everyone involved. May they find “Luke” and stop him from bringing ice to a small town that doesn’t want it. And may the doors of the innocent stay on their hinges…

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  1. …what a blessing to be a person who remains calm (and even “silently bemused and amused”) – that is a kind of protective armour, don’t you think?


    • anne norman says:

      Tomas, it was an odd feeling having our space suddenly filled with “special operations” people, but I never at any point felt personally threatened… which I think reflects on the maturity and skill of the officer in charge to correctly and quickly assess the situation. I am not sure how long they were observing us before they walked in… Certainly using humour and generous language towards those who invade your space is a form of armour… yes. But it is also a form of communicating that you see that they are doing their best to get it right and you are feeling comfortable with them getting on with their job. My reaction would have been very different if they did kick down the door and confiscate my computer…

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      • Yes, and knowing that exactly that IS happening nowadays in many places – more than disconcerting. I am grateful that where we are (Morocco) is a friendly, serene place (Chefchaouen – the Blue City).


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