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A deep listening experience…

Darwin PRESS Release:

Whispered Shadows by Anne Norman – shakuhachi

A slow unfolding of spell-binding music: bamboo flute meditations and improvisations with violin in the haunting acoustics of the Darwin tunnels.

Fresh from performing with Tom E Lewis in the Walking With Spirits festival in Arnhem Land, Anne Norman brings her unique shakuhachi performance style to Darwin for only two shows on 16th & 17th August.   Anne is the first musician to take advantage of the magical reverberant acoustics of the WWII Oil Storage tunnels, under the umbrella of the Darwin Underground Festival hosted by Darwin Tours.

“The tunnel is alive; it’s an instrument; a long flute. My shakuhachi breathes life into this dormant horizontal flute, awakening it. It’s a total thrill to play here.”

The shakuhachi is a Japanese bamboo flute used for centuries as a tool for Zen meditation. Anne spent many years studying shakuhachi in Japan in the 1980s and 90s. Her first concert on Sunday 16th will feature traditional solo Zen meditations as well as her own compositions. Anne’s second show is a duo performance of improvised explorations with the sensational young violinist from Tasmania, Emily Sheppard. Both nights also feature collaborative improvisations with Darwin’s creative violinist, Anja Tait (Get Frocked, Arafura Ensemble).

These concerts showcase Anne’s solo polyphonic playing style that allows for harmonies and lyrics while blowing shakuhachi, a technique born while improvising within the resonant acoustics of a 10th century stone chapelle in Province, France in 2012. The response from listeners across Australia has been amazing, and immediately following Darwin, Anne heads to Japan for a concert tour to share the joy.

Darwin’s Underground “Whispered Shadows” will be performed within an exhibition of artworks by Rupert Betheras lining the walls of the tunnel.

“Each audience member is guaranteed a unique listening and visual perspective; the way sound travels through the tunnel-flute is perceived differently depending on where you sit; where the shakuhachi is; where the violin is. Which artwork will you sit near? Audience members will move their seats at interval to experience a new perspective. No two people will come out of the tunnel with the same experience.”

AN1.6shakAnne Norman is a passionate performer of shakuhachi, playing everything from traditional Zen pieces to spontaneous cross-artform collaborations. Following studies in classical flute, she took up bamboo flute in Japan with a performance scholarship at Tokyo University of the Arts. Anne has performed in festivals in Europe, America, Japan and across Australia. http://annenorman.com

“…like birdsong, but not; like wind, but not; like no other sound, but something higher. It was as if she could lure pixels of sound… and whip them into line with the control of her breath…  a master of improvisation and adventure.” The Mercury, Hobart 2014

“I was bending and flowing with your music – the gentle “reediness” of it… I loved how you began with poems, my mind was constantly stimulated with imagery.”  Linda Zibell, Ballarat 2014

“Some of the most beautiful phrases were sheer, operatic coloratura, glowing with inner light, radiance and fluidity, but coming from a flute… In Anne’s work there is joy in the discovery that you are not an isolated being in an otherwise alien universe, that there is fulfillment in merging with the whole.”  Melvyn Cann: Adelaide, 2015

EmilyVlnEmily Sheppard plays violin with ACO2 and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. She is also an astounding improviser, ever curious to explore new sounds.

“…extraordinary… gifted… amazing… The reception that greeted Emily Sheppard at the end of her fiendishly difficult and wonderfully accomplished performance was tremendous. You could not have found a more enthusiastic response at a football match”  Heather Leviston, ANAM, 2014

Melbourne born Rupert Betheras has worked in the territory as both an artist and sports mentor for the last 10 years. He exhibited this year in Melbourne and Paris, and last year showed his bitumen works at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Darwin. http://www.rupertbetheras.com/rupertbetheras.com/Home.html

For a full review of Anne’s Whispered Shadows recital in the “Design Tasmania Centre” in Launceston, see: https://hilaryburden.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/hitting-the-right-note/
For review of Whispered Shadows in the chapel of the Adelaide Immigration Museum during this year’s Adelaide Festival: https://melvyncann.wordpress.com/2015/03/15/14/#more-14
For Anne’s first encounter with the brilliant violinist, Emily Sheppard, in a cave near Hobart: https://annenorman.wordpress.com/2015/05/10/cave-encounter/

Two Performances in Darwin: (7pm to 8:30pm) 

concert I:   Sun 16th August 2015  Solo shakuhachi (guest artist Anja Tait – violin)

concert II:  Mon 17th August 2015  Violin & shakuhachi explorations: Emily Sheppard & Anne Norman (& guest artist Anja Tait – violin)

Venue:  WWII Oil Storage Tunnels,  Kitchener Dve (near corner of Anchorage court), Darwin Wharf Precinct, beneath the cliffs, Darwin, NT
Tickets: $25; $15. BYO folding chair
Bookings: http://www.trybooking.com/IGMH
Enquiries: 08 8985 6322 – Nellie at Darwin Tours
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1636261336586191/

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musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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