Hilary Burden

My new friend Hilary published a beautifully written article that I hadn’t been expecting at all. I stayed with her in October last year while preparing for a gig organised by a fellow shakuhachi player and fabulous guitarist Yyan Ng in Launceston, Tasmania.

Hilary is an accomplished writer and journalist, and we met on Flinder’s Island in May. We were artists in residence (separate residences), with a week’s overlap. But our encounter was truly brief, as neither of us wanted to talk; we were both on the island for solitude, in order to write… but in the 10 minutes we actually spent together, we connected, and agreed to meet another time, when not in hermit mode…

So this happened in October, when Hilary invited me to stay with her in her beautiful home in rural Tassie, northeast of Launceston. Then, weeks after leaving Tassie, I received an email announcing that an article was soon to be published in Tasweekends, The Mercury on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014…

Several weeks later, my mother dropped in to my home in Mornington with a coffee-stained article that my father’s cousin had posted to them from Hobart. She was quite excited, because it was an article about her daughter. It was Hilary’s article! So it was published. I hadn’t suspected that Hilary would write this at the time I was with her. I am delighted she did; it is so beautifully crafted and evocative… and revealing. I never stopped to think what was going on in Hilary’s head… I was totally inside my own.

The article is about Hilary’s experience of having me stay in her home and a review of my concert in the Design Centre in Launceston. It is beautifully written, and I am most grateful to her. I now follow her wordpress blog… filled with lovely articles. Check it out.


Hil WhirlingMountain

Hilary before the gig, doing preparations, and looking elegant despite her claims to the contrary; and Hil’s whirling stance — fabulous!

Thanks Hil

The Right Note S


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