Do other writers feel like this?

RavenSnailDo other writers feel like this?
That they are unravelling and re-knitting the very fabric of the universe?
Always wondering how it will turn out?
How it will end?
Only to be slapped in the face repeatedly with the truth
that it is the journey of the unravelling and the knitting that matters.
How many arms or necks the garment has when you stop is immaterial.
Just keep going until you put it down.
Nothing is ever finished.
Nothing is ever perfect.
Yet everything is ever
… and nothing is ever
Nothing is everything…
and everything is…
What a strange universe it is.

working on my novel so many years so many hundreds of pages
and so far from the end… I think I am unravelling AN 16th Dec 2014



About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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One Response to Do other writers feel like this?

  1. This reminds me of the following statement from the movie “Meet Joe Black”:
    “Multiply this by infinity and then take it to the depths of eternity and you’ll have an inkling of what I mean…”


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