I pay taxes for what?

I pay taxes for what?
…the rapid dismantling of hard-won protections for our environment; a mad rush to frack farm land in the name of coal-seam gas (which we don’t want or need), with the clear objective of destroying our waterways (a fact they don’t tell the shareholders – divest guys, divest!); …the active poisoning of rivers on aboriginal lands in the name of mining uranium for the “efficient, clean and safe” nuclear energy plants foisted on the citizens of Japan, contaminating their water table and our shared ocean… all subsidised by…

I pay taxes for what?
…the manic manufacture of weapons and acquisition of jet fighters; …the fabrication of “truth” in the relentless creation of refugees and the state sponsored construction of detention facilities for privatised profit-making from luckless folk fleeing for their lives; …for the killing of citizens of distant countries to increase the dividends for superannuation shareholders; …for manufacturing terrorists, manipulating refugees, misinforming media…

I pay taxes for what?
…the theft of our education, healthcare and dignity; …the destruction of forests for pulp to make packing crates and cardboard boxes to shift non-essential plastic playthings destined for an oceanic vortex; …the annulment and defilement of our marine parks; …the refusal to invest in viable renewable energy technologies and the brazen trumpeting to the warming wider world our intention to mine more coal that nobody wants, shipped through our great (not for much longer) barrier reef.

I pay taxes for what?
…the dismantling of government protections and facilities in all fields and the signing of a Trans-Pacific Protocol which takes legal autonomy from our erstwhile sovereign state… putting us at the mercy (read: “tyranny”) of mega-corporate mega-greedy multi-nationals; …the systematic undermining of a government that was once ostensibly “for the people by the people” into a world of “for the corporation by the disenfranchised”…

I pay taxes for what???!!!

To you overpaid, corporate puppets of Canberra, let it be known:
I don’t like your priorities and I don’t like where my taxes are going!
I want you OUT! Now!

This was a post I put on Facebook a few days ago, and it got a lot of likes and comments and shares, so I thought I’d archive it here. We have a federal government that needs to be ousted and a state election coming up where the incumbent government is also hell-bent on increasing coal mining…

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