(psycho) Cads

in homage to Judith Wright & Gandhi

Their smooth pink tongues flicker at our humanity.
Round them, felled forests and polluted waters
alter the climates of our ravaged earth
and silt with tailings the strata of first birth.

Only an armoured cockroach
can survive a planet broken.
While cursed by each chill policy and lie
we watch the dying world, but fear to cry.

Our Ministers forget the promises they once made.
Shall we forget the corals and the whales?
Among the complicated protocols of greed
we are a generation carved from need.

Marching together down those streets, we shout
over darkness and dare to dance with birds
that cry in air one moment, and are gone;
and with countless others, the deaths go on.

Take courage. In compassion, we refuse to yield.
Non-violent resistance becomes our shield
and its slow root will lengthen deep and deep
‘til their evil path they cannot keep,
and this nightmare will dissolve in sleep.

smooth dark tongues AMN2014 (psycho) Cads

AMNorman September 2014
With sincere thanks to the photographers and google images

Come on Greg Hunt… be brave and cross the floor. Become an independent if you have to. How can you call yourself “Minister for the Environment” and sign off on so much destruction? You are behaving as a powerless puppet! You are, in fact, very powerful.
Own that power and act for the survival of our planet, not for the wealth of those who do not love this fragile biosphere. Take a stand, Greg! You will have an enormous support base if you do. Even the forests will stand with you. In all sincerity, let us help you help the planet.

Gandhi wrote of Satyagraha – his way of overcoming injustice –
as “holding on to the truth or soul force.”

“To put down civil disobedience is to attempt to imprison conscience…”
“Disobedience to be civil must be sincere, respectful, restrained… and, above all, must have no ill will or hatred behind it.”  
Sometimes this is a hard call!

 “Evil, injustice and hatred exist only insofar as we support them; they have no existence of their own. Without our cooperation, unintentional or intentional, injustice cannot continue. As long as people accept exploitation, both exploiter and exploited will be entangled in injustice.”

Divesting of shares in companies or banks that destroy our planet; investing in pro-active projects to avoid more destruction and build new systems that work in harmony with nature; protesting loudly, with compassion, and not sitting silently by when our taxes are used to hurt others; voting on proactive policies, not simply on a party that is open to manipulation; talking with the perpetrators of destructive actions as fellow humans – it is their actions that are evil, perhaps they can turn around?; growing our own chemical-free veggies, or buying them from a local organic grower… these are some of the things we can do. Never believe that a step is too small.
Satya and Ahimsa; truth and nonviolence. All life is one.

And, in the face of the fiercest provocation, never forget that
you and your attacker are one.

-> The Cycads

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