sculpted silence

AnneTokyoJournalPhotoblowing through bamboo
i wander
in the realm of sculpted silence

notes waver
phrases linger
deep inhalations punctuate perception

a celebration of the essence of being
in one dying,
dipping note

two eagles circle high above
a raven cries out
clouds release their velvet rain

coursing down the weathered flute
water drips from bamboo roots
melody becomes urgent

breath divides on bamboo’s edge
wind stirs the grasses
forest whispers

thunder shouts
a final arc
of sonic brush stroke

a pause
and the world returns to stillness
there is no rain

bowing to the elements
wet hair clinging to my forehead
i move my sodden feet

wrapping my bamboo flute
a sculptor packing her tools
the song is now internal

19th June 2014 © Anne M Norman… modified on 19/8/14

Photo by Petra, p.20 of Tokyo Journal, issue 121, October 1991


About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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4 Responses to sculpted silence

  1. You have expressed the magic of sound…and silence. A beautiful, soothing meditation – thank you!


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  3. seeingm says:

    I love this. I was watching a documentary about Frank Zappa recently and he talked about his music as “sound sculptures”. How powerfully wonderful to have one who recognizes that this sculpture begins and ends in the inner empty silence which is bursting full and loudly with the music of living past the illusion of separation. Gracious.

    And when the elements and the animals and the external theater joins us in reflecting these silent connections, what a song sculpture we all be. -x.M


  4. anne norman says:

    Thank you See-ing M for your reflections on my poem, and for your own blog. It is even-ing here. Time to reflect…


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