the role of art

Art touches me, inspires me. It makes me laugh, or cry… it transports me to another place… It stops my mind for a while, and sometimes it sets my mind spinning and contemplating my very existence; the nature of being.

The role of the artist, whether conscious or not, is as a shamanic conduit to the inner workings of the heart and mind. To the space beyond thought. Through the artist’s act of personally focusing on one point, one note, one colour, one gesture, one moment… the audience or observer has the opportunity to engage with that energy; to enter their own inner space.

music, poetry, art and story-telling

can offer us…





they may allow us to

          find courage

                    share hope

                                  explore life’s paradoxes

above all, they reassure us of our

                   common humanity




About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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One Response to the role of art

  1. I remember Joseph Campbell speaking of art bringing in the quality of the transcendent – that correlates to your mention of our own inner space that we enter into through art… Beautiful musings… Thank you! And now I’ll drink some tea~ ♥ tomas


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