Nonchalant Bombasi-tea

Nonchalant Bombasi-tea is a fast-paced raconteur TEA show, not quite cabaret and better than stand-up comedy. An hilarious afternoon of travel anecdotes, live music, Zen tea, verse, and outrageous absurdiTEAs by Anne Norman (poet & musician).

Meet the musician and the tea devotee behind the Avatar of Tea:
Camellia Cha unveiled!

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Nonchalant Bombasi-tea (mark IV) with High Tea

photos by Di Cousens (audience member) on the day,
and by David Matthews during the dress rehearsal.

2pm Sunday 2nd December, 2012
Heaven on Earth’s Down to Earth Tea House
308 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill

What people said about this show:

“Wit-tea, absolutely fabulous!! SO MUCH TALENT!!! Our table adored it! Your capaci-tea for repar-tea, absurdi-tea and levi-tea has vivaci-tea and clari-tea” Liz Hooper

“A wonderful fermenting of an innocent obsession that drove us all mad and made us all laugh again and again.” Gay Crowly

“A great show and a tour de force. … my table were particularly moved by your stories of visiting China, especially playing the Chinese flute in the light of the Cultural Revolution, and the poem written on the mountain… your breadth and diversity is spectacular. Adam was a brilliant offsider and amazingly versatile.” Sunyata

“Sagaci-tea mixed with Hilari-tea and Audaci-tea! Wonderful experience. More power to your pen.” Dave

“Beautiful, outrageous, intelligent, poetic, sexy, hilarious, musical, arty, sophisticated and inspirational. I could picture beautiful images of Chinese landscape painting from your story-telling and the music blended so beautifully as if we were traveling to another world…! Adam’s tea ceremony and his unique roles really complimented well, adding another interesting layer.” Kaz Preston


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What people have said about previous performances:

“Teetering on the edge of a wonderful insanity!”

“Traversing the extremi-teas of Zen, moving narrative and mass-culture kitsch leaves you spellbound; this glorious productivi-tea of rhymes and theatrical debauchery, much like a sweet yet vegetal sencha, is deliciously contagious.”

“…serious, satirical, comical and emotive … highly entertaining… mesmerizing music and witty poems.”

“Nonchalant Bombasi-TEA is like a burst of anti-oxidants. The audience is at once energised, mesmerized, amused, entertained, and educated…”

Nonchalant Bombasi-tea (mark IV) is one of several tea raconteur shows presented by poet and musician, Anne Norman, across Australia over the last few years. The material draws on experiences and knowledge encountered while researching material for the book Curiosi-tea, authored by the elusive Camellia Cha.  This latest version of Nonchalant Bombasi-tea incorporates the mesmerising tea ceremony of fellow Japanophile and tea lover, Adam Wojcinski.


Anne Norman is a professional musician, perpetually on tour making her living performing shakuhachi (bamboo flute). She performs all over Australia, and has given recitals in Europe, America and Japan. Anne is also in high demand as a storyteller in primary schools across Australia, incorporating live music into multi-media, interactive narrative performances.

In the mid 1980s Anne lived in Japan, and was a member of the Kobe Philharmonic Orchestra before giving that up to study traditional Japanese music. During this period, Anne developed a serious dependency on sencha green tea, between bouts of hyperventilation from long practice sessions. After a B.Mus in flute performance at Melbourne Uni, and two years as a secondary school music teacher, Anne hitch-hiked around South-east Asia and Japan for a couple of years, hanging out with fellow musos, and returned to complete a Masters in Ethnomusicology at Monash Uni. This was followed by a grant from the Japanese government for further shakuhachi performance studies at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. Later, she received a scholarship to do a PhD at Monash, eventually giving it back, deciding that BEING a musician and performance artist was much more fun than hanging out with academics who only wrote about it!  Ironically, many years later, wanting a hobby she could take with her on tour, Anne found herself researching and writing a book about tea – almost as much fun as drinking it!

Adam Wojcinski is the Principal Instructor and Chief of Operations of the Australian Chapter of the Ueda Sōko Samurai Tradition of Tea. He teaches regular classes of chanoyu, the Way of Tea, in both Melbourne and Sydney. Adam studied Tea in Hiroshima for 3 years and regularly returns to Japan for advanced training and to participate in Tea events. In 2011 he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Japanese Art and Culture Award from the Junior Chamber International of Japan.  Adam is constantly exploring new and surprising ways to enjoy, teach and artistically present the Way of Tea. His combination of street art and Tea in his GraffiTEA project is a shining example. Adam teaches the Japanese tea ceremony as a form of ‘Living zen: a Way to beautify your life and interactions with others; live creatively with art; and achieve inner peace.’

About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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