grandma’s cherry blossom tree

heavy with memories
you stand naked on a winter’s morn
dark sodden limbs patched with pale green lichen
your riot of twigs proudly strung with translucent pearls
glistening in the silvery light

© AMNorman 27th July 2012, Mornington.
Written gazing at grandma’s cherry blossom tree, dripping from a recent shower of rain.

this poem is part of a sequence → Half dressed in palest pink


About anne norman

musician, shakuhachi player, author, poet, tea lover...
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3 Responses to grandma’s cherry blossom tree

  1. Once I heard an interview with Bruce Springsteen saying his lyrics are “cinematographic” – these verses are like that – they draw me in to your experience with the tree, the lichen, the memories… for me that’s what art should be – a direct experience – thank you!


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